Sunday, August 26, 2007


Evan hated having his picture taken (just like his daddy), until recently. The other day Evan was sitting on the floor next to his barnyard play gym, and he kept grabbing the side of it and tipping the whole thing over. I kept trying to take a picture since it was pretty funny, but every time he saw the little light on the camera he would drop the gym, turn and smile. This happened numerous times. Finally I moved to a different part of the room but could only get a picture of him holding onto the gym. I have also included some of my favorite recent pictures.

Crazy hair after sleeping the whole ride home from Effingham

Evan with his cousin Madison

Trying to crawl over mommy's leg

On the Move

Evan has gone through so many changes the past month! He is so close to crawling, I think it could happen any day now. For a long time he has been able to spin in circles when he's on his stomach. Now he is able to push himself backwards with his legs straight behind him. The problem is that he keeps ending up in places he can't get out of. He can also go from sitting up to all fours, but his one leg always gets stuck under him. He can't quite figure it out yet! He is also trying to pull up on furniture and can stand holding on to something if we help him up. It's time to start childproofing!

How did I get here? I'm stuck!Pulling up on his knees Hold on tight!