Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Updates

Evan has changed so much the past few weeks. He really seems to understand what we are saying and is developing a great sense of humor. When we tell Evan "night night" he will lay down wherever he is and smile at us. If we ask Evan, "How big are you?" he'll hold up both his arms to show us "so big". He is also so close to walking. He has taken a few steps here and there but doesn't seem to trust himself enough yet and grabs on to whatever is closest to him.

Night Night Evan

Evan thinks it's so funny when he sticks his tongue out

Evan loves his toy remote control

Getting ready for a ride in the storage container - our "redneck" wagon

Evan after his 2nd haircut - he looks like such a big boy!

Teething Frenzy

Since Evan was a few months old, we thought for sure that he would pop a tooth at any moment with all of his excessive drooling and gnawing of the hands. Finally the week of Halloween the first tooth popped through on the bottom! Since then he has gotten 2 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom and is currently working on another one. I have to say he has done really well with it all. We had a few rough nights, but Baby Tylenol was definitely our friend during that time!

My horrible attempt at taking a picture of Evan's teeth

At the Big Top

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Barnum and Bailey's Circus with Alexis and Curtis and his family members that were in town for the holiday. Evan didn't really understand what he was watching, but he loved all of the lights and the music. He especially loved his first taste of cotton candy! He had 2 (VERY, VERY small) bites of it, and then experienced his first sugar high. He kept laughing, dancing, and sticking his tongue out at us. After awhile he crashed and was just sitting calmly on our laps. We weren't sure he would be able to sit through the almost 2 hour show, but he did great! Definitely something to do again when he's a little older.

Evan with Alexis and Dimitri

All the boys hangin out - Stefanos, Constantine, Evan and Dimitri

SO tired after a long, exciting day at the circus