Monday, April 27, 2009


Evan has a tendency to go through phases of his favorite movie. He started with Wiggles, then it was Finding Nemo, Cars, and Evan Almighty. For Easter this year my parents bought Evan Pinocchio. I wasn't sure how he would react since the animation isn't quite as exciting as the newer Disney movies. However, from the first moment I put it on he absolutely loved it! He comments throughout the whole thing. "Kitty got wet." "Hat broken." It's very cute! But, my absolute favorite thing is when he sees the fairy, points to the screen, and says, "Mommy!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrating Greek Easter

Last weekend we celebrated Greek Easter. Isn't Evan lucky to have 2 Easter bunny visits?
Coloring eggs for the 1st time
So pretty!
Evan was excited to find his basket Easter morning.
Inspecting all the goodies
At church they had an Easter egg hunt planned. Unfortunately it rained so it was moved inside, and it was NOT planned well. By the time we made it down to the room where all the Easter eggs were "hidden" all of the older kids had already found all of the eggs. We were not happy, but luckily Evan didn't know what he was missing. His friend, Paulie, was nice enough to share 2 eggs with Evan and he was perfectly content with that!
Relaxing at my parents' house in my old rocking chair after a delicious dinner

Monday, April 13, 2009

Goin' Huntin'

This past weekend we celebrated Easter down in Effingham with Rick's family. It's so nice that for 1 holiday we don't have to worry about splitting our time between families since "Greek" Easter is usually on a different Sunday than "American" Easter. Last year Evan participated in our Easter egg hunt at church, but he did not really get into it. This year the weather was beautiful so we put eggs out in front of Rick's parents' house. Evan immediately understood what he needed to do. In most of the eggs I put pieces of candy, and Evan found a few of those eggs first. He didn't open the eggs and just dropped them in his bucket. But, I put Matchbox cars in a few of the eggs. Since they were a little bigger than the eggs I couldn't completely close the egg. Once Evan saw the first car he had a huge smile on his face then immediately began opening all of the eggs to see what was inside. He collected all 40-something eggs and carried the bucket of eggs with him for quite awhile, and he LOVED the cars and the chocolate!

Finding the first egg

Finding his first car

3 Generations of Repking's

Hunting for eggs is such hard work!

What's really great is that Evan is becoming excited about visiting Rick's family before going down there. The day we were leaving, Evan had his shoes on and was asking to leave our house at 8:00 in the morning. Evan had so much fun the whole weekend playing with all of our family. His favorite thing to do is jump on one of the beds, so he was thrilled when someone would help him jump (usually Uncle Mike or Papa). He also loved "driving" all the cars - beeping the horn and playing with all of the buttons. On Sunday he did NOT want to leave, and he kept asking for papa's house.

Playing guitar with Uncle Jeff

Dressed for Easter breakfast

Friday, April 10, 2009

Like Mommy, Like Son

In previous posts I have talked about Evan's extra wide feet and how difficult it is to find shoes that are reasonably priced. Last summer I lucked out and found a cheap pair of Crocs at KMart that actually fit Evan, so I decided to try it again for this year. I was at Target the other night and found a pair for him. They were also selling the character decorations that go in the holes in the Crocs, so I thought I'd splurge and bought him a pair from the movie Cars (his new movie obsession). Once I got home I wanted to try the shoes on Evan to make sure they fit. He usually hates trying things on for me, but he could not wait to put his new blue Crocs on. As soon as we put them on he had a big smile on his face. And I was happy too because they did fit! When we went to put the Cars decorations on he did not want them at first, but then he kept pointing and saying "Lightening McQueen," which is the character's name. For the rest of the evening he refused to take the shoes off and threw a fit at bedtime when he had to take them off. The next morning the first thing he said to me was, "Shoes on" and insisted on wearing them that day. I guess he's taking after me and my shoe obsession!


Lately Evan has also enjoyed wearing my shoes around the house.
Here he is modeling my slippers,

and these are my brown slip-ons.


On Thursday one of my students brought cookies in to celebrate his birthday. They were the really good kind from Orland Bakery in the shapes of bunnies and eggs. Since there were extras I brought one home for Evan. Evan can be picky at times when it comes to sweets. He'll inhale a piece of dark chocolate but refuse a homemade chocolate chip cookie. The moment he spotted the bunny, though, he immediately wanted to eat it and started munching on the ear. After a few bites he had enough and went off to play.


Isn't the bunny cute?!

The effects of sugar on a 2 year old.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making Connections

Evan has really surprised us lately with all the connections he's making. Last Friday my dad was watching Evan, and they had the movie Evan Almighty playing in the background. If you're unfamiliar with the movie, it's basically a modern version of the story of Noah's Ark. There are several times in the movie where they say the word "God" and at one point Evan started telling my dad "church" and "yiayia and papou" (who we always see at church). I was astounded that he knew to connect the word God with the concept of church. Especially since half our church service is in Greek, so he would rarely even hear "God" while we're there.

Last night when I was putting Evan to bed we were sitting on the rocking chair together. We were playing a game of lights off and on, which was just covering and uncovering his eyes. Then he started talking about a light in the mouth, which I had no clue what he was talking about until he said "doctor". I said to Evan, "Oh, the doctor uses a light to look in your mouth," and he said "yeah." It's been about 2 months since he's been to the doctor, so I have no idea how he remembers that!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Buddy Brett

Recently Evan has been asking to watch videos and see pictures of his buddy, Brett, on his mommy's blog. Brett posted a special video for Evan on the blog, and this video is of Evan watching it for the first time. I think since then we've watched the video about 50 more times! I tried to get Evan to say Hi back, but he wouldn't do it. Sometimes when Evan is watching the video he gets shy when he hears his name. I think he does it once towards the end of this video.