Monday, February 16, 2009

Color "Names" and Pe Pies

We've been working on identifying colors with Evan for quite a while now. He used to only know purple and yellow, but he has been doing so much better lately. This morning while he was painting, he kept picking up each of the colors and saying something, but I could not understand what it was. Then I realized he was saying the Wiggles character's name that is associated with each color... red was Murray, yellow was Sam, blue was Anthony, and unfortunately there was no purple paint for Jeff. Actually, Evan's obsession with The Wiggles has fizzled out a bit. His new obsession is Toy Story - I wonder what will be next?

Last night Rick was at a concert with his brother, so after running errands with Evan I decided to pick up McDonald's for dinner. We rarely eat food from there and really push fruits and veggies with Evan, but every once in a while it's a nice change. Evan loves french fries, so when we were at the store I kept telling him "when we're all done we'll get chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner". Once we were in the car after shopping, Evan kept asking "Mommy, Pe pies? Pe Pies?" Translation: Mommy, french fries? French fries? He was so happy when we were finally home and able to eat dinner. The only problem now - guess what Evan asked for first thing this morning.... "Pe Pies!"

Sorry there are no pictures to post. My camera battery is drained and my charger is at school...some to come soon.

Also, a big congratulations to Kate, Joe, and big brother Jack on the birth of their little girl, Amelie Isabelle, who was born on Friday the 13th!