Thursday, November 29, 2007

Evan's First ThanksgivingS

Evan is one lucky boy. Not only did he have his first Thanksgiving, he also had his second. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we traveled down to Effingham to celebrate with Rick's grandparents and family. Evan feasted on mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and had his first (tiny) taste of pumpkin pie. He loved every bite! The weather was also beautiful that weekend, so we spent some time playing outside.

Grandpa feeding Evan mashed potatoes

Playing with a leaf he found on the ground - forget the toys surrounding him!

Playing his favorite airplane game with Uncle Brad

Posing with Aunt Lisa
On Thanksgiving Day, Rick and I played hosts to both of our families. It was a long day, but Evan ate up all the delicious food along with all the extra attention he was getting from everyone.

Enjoying his CHEERIOS at dinner time!

Over the summer I posted a blog about Evan posing for the camera. He is still doing that.... everytime he sees the light on the camera, he stops what he is doing, poses, and smiles. What a ham!

Too cool wearing Uncle Jeff's hat!