Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Busy Month

I can't believe it's already been a month since my last post! Being a working mom is so time consuming. Luckily school is out next week, so I should be better at this for the next few months.
Evan is now 5 months old! It's amazing all the changes he has gone through the past month. He focuses on things so intently now and his hand-eye coordination is so much better. When he wants something within his reach, he grabs it almost immediately. He is now laughing, and his giggle is absolutely adorable - almost a belly laugh at times! At dinner we've adventured into rice cereal WITH BANANAS. Oooh, delicious! Evan is doing much better eating from a spoon and actually opens his mouth with anticipation of what is coming next. He has also found his feet. When he's laying on his back, he lifts them into the air and just stares at them. And, Evan is still in love with the darling Giada on TV. Every Saturday morning when I'm watching The Food Network Evan will stare at the TV for the entire 30 minutes. I know, he shouldn't be watching TV at his age, but that little bit won't hurt!

Evan now has a favorite stuffed bear that we call Jingles. He falls asleep with him quite often!

At the Walk for Autism at Soldier Field

Grandpa being a bad influence! Really, Evan was sitting on his lap STARING at the Captain Morgan's bottle.

Jeremy and Tara's Wedding (Rick's friends), Memorial Day Weekend

Look at those feet!!

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