Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday!

I cannot believe that Evan is already a year old. It's amazing how much he's changed in his first year of life. We celebrated with a small party at our house on Evan's birthday. For once, Evan was not really happy to be the center of attention. He was very overwhelmed with everything, and was pretty quiet the whole night.

Why are you making me wear this hat?

More presents?!

Evan's very own laptop!

Yay! Evan loves clapping!

Time for cake...

Evan's 1st taste of birthday cake. He took 1 small bite and refused to eat any more!

Along with the first birthday came more shots. He got 3 today at his 1 year appointment - MMR, chicken pox and influenza. He cried briefly, but obviously they didn't effect him too much since this video was taken an hour or two after his appointment...

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amypfan said...

Evan is too cute!