Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Moment in Time

Evan and I just had one of those rare, extra special mommy/son moments. It really was something I would love to keep to myself (no offense to all you avid readers) but this was something I want to remember, and since I don't keep a journal, this is the next best thing. I was putting Evan to bed this evening. We had just finished reading a book, and I had Evan on my lap with his teddy bear and was rocking in the rocking chair. We were both rocking quietly, and he looked up right at me and smiled. It wasn't his usual smile, but one that just showed how content he was. I can't really describe it. I smiled back and cuddled more with him. He looked down for a second, then looked back at me the same way as the first time. This went on a few times. Then he turned his body and sat up to look face to face with me, and again looked right at me and flashed that same smile. Life really couldn't get any better!

Earlier in the day we had fun playing together. What's nice is that Evan is finally playing like a little boy. He's pushing cars around, riding his little truck, and throwing the basketball into the basket. This morning we played with this animal train he has. We would put the animals in the train, press the button for the train to go, and then we would wave and say Bye Bye to the train. Evan got the biggest kick out of it. He kept saying "again, again" (one of his new words by the way), and he would bring me the pieces, we would set them up, and send off the train.

A few nights ago, Evan created almost an obstacle course out of some of his toys. He would go into his tent, crawl under it, crawl under his musical table, then run around and start all over. That gave me the idea to make a little fort for him this morning using some of his toys and blankets. He didn't enjoy it as much as I thought he would, but he did crawl through a few times.
Pictures from the other night

Evan investigating the fort we built

Finding the door to the fort


Cathy said...

It's moments like that which make the Terrible Twos (or any other Terrible Age) bearable.

Carrie said...

Awww... how sweet! Evan is really such a sweet little man, you guys are lucky to have him!