Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Say Potato, You Say... Apple?!

Last night I was making some vegetable soup for dinner, and Evan was helping me put the vegetables in the pot. As I peeled some small, red potatoes, I put them on the counter in front of Evan. He picked the first one up and was pretending to eat it. Then, he picked up the next one, said "apple" and tried to take a bite. I told him "That's not an apple, it's a potato." He smiled and I thought he understood, but sure enough he picked up another and did the same thing. I am not sure if he really didn't understand, since a peeled potato does resemble a peeled apple, or if he was just being silly. When we were done getting the soup ready, I did cut up an apple for him and he was very happy!
Besides apples, Evan's 2 new favorite foods are raisins and olives (eww!). Evan recently started picking the raisins out of our Raisin Bran and eating them, so now Evan has his own box of raisins. We'll put a few in a small rubbermaid container, and he carries them around the house. And yes, Evan loves olives. He watched Rick put them on a salad, and Evan kept pointing to them. Rick asked Evan if he wanted to try one, and Evan said yes. He tried one, then kept asking for more. He certainly doesn't take after me with his taste in food!

Evan cuddling on the couch with his bear and mommy, eating raisins.

Other pictures from the last few weeks...

Here is Evan playing guitar with Uncle Jeff. As soon as Evan saw Jeff pull out the guitar and sit on the stairs, he ran to find his guitar and climbed up the stairs to be just like Jeff.
Evan thought hiding in the front closet was hilarious!


Carrie said...

Interesting.... if he was French this would make sense. "Pomme" is apple in French and "Pomme de Terre" is potato in French (apple of the ground :)).

Olives? Seriously? Ick!

Cathy said...

I was totally going to say the same thing about the French. Is it Black Olives or Green? Green...eww! Black = yum!

Tina said...

They're black olives. I wonder if he would eat the green ones?!