Friday, June 12, 2009

Free at Last

My summer break finally started this past Tuesday at 10:30 am. After having such a crazy and busy end of the school year, it was an incredible feeling to walk out of my building that last day (although I had a bag full of work in tow to do over the summer months - 3 months of vacation for teachers, HA!). I am so looking forward to being a stay at home mommy, even if it's only for a short time.

We started our summer adventures today by going to Brookfield Zoo. Although we went a few times last summer, Evan was still a little young to really understand what he was looking at, however this time he really enjoyed seeing everything. This summer, Brookfield also has a special dinosaurs exhibit, where they have life size dinosaurs that move and make noises. It was pretty impressive how realistic they looked, and Evan was scared of them. He kept covering his mouth with his hands and clung to Rick the whole time. We've probably scarred him for life! Despite his fear, though, when we ask him what he saw at the zoo the first thing he says is "dinosaur".

Riding on papou's shoulders

Not part of the actual dinosaurs exhibit, but the dinosaur in the famous fountain at the zoo was a "preview" of the exhibit. It moved its head and neck and was very loud!

One of the first animated dinosaurs in the exhibit

Evan's first reaction to the dinosuars

This one moved its head and actually blinked its eyes.
Evan wouldn't even look at the giant t-rex, which I forgot to take a picture of but did take a video, which I will post soon.

He didn't mind seeing the dinosaur from afar.

Checking out the polar bear laying out in the sun

Getting close to a lizard


amypfan said...

Hooray for summer! So glad to hear that you're enjoying it. :)

Pappou said...

Evan and I were watching the two videos and he must have clicked the play button 50 times on them to hear the dinosaurs roar and move. Guess there is safety in distance. However, he did keep repeating, "Evan fraid dinosaurs". Well, they were mighty big and loud...great exhibit!