Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Brother Evan

We were really worried about how Evan would react to having a little brother. After all, he's been the center of attention in our family for 3 1/2 years, and he loves being in that position. Luckily, since Evan met Luke at the hospital he has been nothing but loving towards his little brother. When Luke starts crying, Evan immediately wants him to be taken care of. He helps get things ready for diaper changes and washes Luke (only his feet) during bath time. In the morning he asks how Luke slept the night before. A while back I was at the pediatrician with Luke, and Evan was with Rick at home. Evan told Rick, "I miss my baby." I hope this continues!

The bear Evan made for Luke at Build a Bear. When you press the hand it says, "I love you."

Make sure to turn the volume up. My favorite part is when Evan says "little fella."

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Cathy said...

That is so sweet. Makes me remember how sweet Chris was when Sam was that size. Sounds like the age difference is similar between your boys and mine. They've just started playing together...and having fun. Having Boys is a Wonderful Blessing. More Congratulations!