Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

Evan celebrated his 4th birthday on Wednesday. It was my last day of winter break, so I was happy to spend the day at home with him. He was very excited about his special day. However, the fact that his party isn't until tomorrow really confused him. Although I had only planned to make cupcakes for his party, he insisted he needed a cake on his birthday. Luckily I had a yellow cake mix in the back of the cabinet and then whipped up some homemade chocolate frosting. He also kept asking to open his presents. Again, that wasn't in the plan until his party and I could not give in to that. (Note to self: next year buy a small gift for his actual birthday.) Yesterday was his first time celebrating his birthday at school. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he was SO happy when I picked him up. He had a birthday crown, blue toy car from the treasure chest and a cute paper cupcake he decorated. I asked him if he wore the crown while his friends sang to him, and he said he did, which is great if you know how shy Evan can get! His teachers also said he told them he was having a Toy Story party. I am so extremely happy with how far he has come since starting school in September! Anyways, happy birthday to my (not-so) baby boy!

And, a look back at previous birthdays...

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