Thursday, July 5, 2007

6 Months Old!

Evan turned 6 months old today! Really, where has the time gone? Our little baby is quickly turning into a little boy. It's exciting, but also sad at the same time. He's growing and learning things so quickly lately. It seems as though every day he's doing something new. A few weeks ago we started him on his vegetables. The first one we tried was peas. As you can see from his expression below, he wasn't quite sure about them at first. But, a few spoonfuls later he was loving them! We introduced carrots about a week later, and he loved those even more. Now he opens his mouth in anticipation of them and actually puts his hands around the spoon to "help" us feed him.

Since Evan has entered our house, our 2 cats have tried to pretend that Evan did not really exist. Every once in a while they would come over and sniff him, but that was the extent of their interactions. Last week Casey must have been craving some attention. While Rick was holding Evan, she actually came over and laid partly on Rick's lap. Evan just stared at her, then attempted to pet her. Although he was not very gentle, Casey continued to lay there and did not react to Evan. Since then, Evan has taken an interest in her and will watch her from across the room. I bet he can't wait to be chasing after her!

Now for the biggest milestone...Evan has started sitting up by himself! It was strange - one day he needed full support from us, then literally the next day it was completely independent. This picture is the first time he did it by himself. He's playing with a new toy from his Aunt Lisa. A few seconds later he toppled over, scared himself and started crying, but he's getting much better. He still tends to wobble a bit and needs a pillow behind him, but he loves sitting like a big boy and playing with his toys.

I love this picture!! It was taken on July 4th. He had a cute patriotic shirt on early in the day, but after a diaper explosion we had to change him.

Evan loves to play peek-a-boo now. He just laughs and laughs!!

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