Friday, July 27, 2007

Evan's Baptism (several weeks overdue)

On Saturday, July 7, Evan had his baptism. For those of you unfamiliar with Greek Orthodoxy, infants receive the sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation/Confirmation, and First Communion all at one time. So it is definately a very important day! We chose my sister, Alexis, and her husband, Curtis, to be Evan's godparents (or Nouna and Nouno in Greek). The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes, and Evan was very calm, with the exception of a little fussing while he was getting "dunked" in the baptismal font. We were so relieved, since we had visions of him screaming the entire time! After the church service, all our guests (nearly 100 of them) enjoyed a luncheon in the church community center.

Beginning in the back of the church

Getting undressed by the Grandmas and Aunt Lisa

The Baptism

Tonsure a.k.a Evan's First Haircut

Getting Dressed

Walking around the baptismal font 3 times

First Communion

Evan with Alexis and Curtis

Big Happy Family

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