Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Last week was Rick's birthday, and for the first time Evan understood what that meant and was very excited about it. After work we baked a cake and wrapped the presents, and Evan couldn't wait for Rick to get home. He kept telling me he was going to yell, "Surprise!" but I don't think he ever did say that. We sang "Happy Birthday" and Evan helped him blow out the candles. He was very proud to show Rick how he wrote his name in the birthday card.

That day was also one of the nicest we've had so far weather-wise, so we were able to play outside while the cake was baking.

And here's more conversations with Evan:

*On the way to the sitter's house, there is a Menards billboard that has a picture of a toilet on it. One morning, with a big smile on his face, Evan said he was going to climb way up there and go potty on the toilet. I told him he was being silly, and he said, "I'm not silly, I'm a monkey!" He then went through the list: "Mommy not a monkey. Daddy not a monkey. Cole not a monkey.... Evan is a monkey!"

*At bedtime I was reading a Sesame Street book to Evan and on the back cover there is a picture of all of the characters waving. I said that the characters were saying Hi to him. Evan responded very seriously with "No, they can't talk. They're just waving."

*A few weeks ago Evan had made a small mess on the bathroom rug. I had sprayed it to take the stain out and threw the rug in the laundry room. I finally got around to putting it in the washing machine, and when I put it back in the bathroom Evan was so excited you would have thought it was Christmas morning. In his most enthusiastic voice he said, "Thanks mom! You put my rug back in the bathroom!"

*Evan's new phrase when he doesn't want to do something: "Kids don't do that."

*Evan now has a song that he claims is "his song". It's not Veggie Tales, or Wiggles, or Sesame Street. It's the Black Eyed Peas song "I Got a Feeling." My sitter texted me the other day and said he was jamming in the car to that song. (Her son Chase was the first to claim it as being his song, and I'm sure Evan is just copying him). For the longest time, Evan was asking for the Good Night song in my car, and I just assumed it was a children's good night song, but I was wrong! If you have not heard the song, here it is:

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Joe said...

What is it with that song? It is Jack's new favorite, too. (Amelie gets rather excited when it is on as well.)