Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Conversations

*On the way to the sitter's house one morning this week, Evan spotted a dog in someone's front yard.
Evan: Mommy, I want a black dog.
Me: A big one or a little one?
Evan: A little one.
Me: But we already have a cat. We can't have a dog too.
Evan: I want to see the dog chase the cat!
Me: Oh, like Slinky (my sitter's dog) chases their cats.
Evan: I want to see it at Tina's house.
Me: Who's Tina?
Evan: You!

*In the bathroom one night Evan was yelling and acting silly. I told Evan he was giving me a headache. Very seriously he said, "No, I'm not giving you a headache, I'm making your ears hurt." All I could do was laugh in response.

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