Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Eventful Afternoon

Sunday started out as one of Evan's best days. He slept for 4 hours straight during the night and was generally in a good mood all morning. He didn't even fuss during tummy time.

We should have known things were going too well...

I was changing his diaper at the halfway point of his afternoon snack. I had all the necessary parts "covered" so I didn't get a shower, cleaned him up, then went to close up his diaper. That's when I noticed somehow he peed everywhere. It was on his clothes, soaked through the blanket he was laying on, on his back, etc. Rick and I decided we may as well give him a bath at this point, since he was due for one that night anyways. We brought him upstairs and realized all of his hooded towels were dirty, and the load had just been put in the washing machine. So, we pulled out his little robe figuring that will do the job just as well. We had everything ready, and the bathtub was filled, and Evan went into the water. I started to wash his hair, when suddenly we had a little fountain coming from Evan going into the tub. We had to then drain the water and refill the tub (while he was screaming and crying - bath time is not a happy time for him). Finally, Evan was cleaned up and dried off.

Evan then finished his snack and took a nice long nap.

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Joe said...

Seriously, Evan is too cute!
Maybe it is a tad gross, but we gave up changing Jack's bathwater everytime he peed in it. He pretty much (still) does it every time--and gives a wicked little grin when he does.