Friday, January 19, 2007

Our First Two Weeks

We've survived the first two weeks of parenthood, which I have heard are the most difficult. Besides the obvious lack of sleep, things are going really well. For the most part, Evan spends his days and nights sleeping and eating. The past two days he has become much more alert during the day, which is pretty exciting! We're hoping it's the start to a good sleep schedule!

Here's all the exciting things that have happened so far with Evan:
  • his first bath, which he cried through

  • first (and second) doctor's appointment - he was a very good boy for these!

  • he found his hand, but hasn't discovered his individual fingers yet

  • hiccups several times a day that sometimes last for 30 minutes - Evan gets pretty grumpy when this happens

Our female cat, Casey, has adjusted well to the new addition in our home. She even napped next to Evan the other afternoon (with lots of supervision of course). Our male cat, Harley, is currently in hiding. No big surprise for those of you who know him (or know of him). He is the definition of the phrase "scaredy cat". Hopefully he learns to adjust sometime soon.

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Gerri said...

Tina and Rick,
Unfortunately, your lack of sleep will continue. Kylee is 5 weeks old now and sleeps about 4 hours at a time. I've been told the hiccups are normal and won't stop until 6-8 weeks. Hope everyone is doing well and Evan is a doll.