Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a Sunshine Day

Growing up I loved watching reruns of the Brady Bunch. Yesterday reminded me of one of the Brady Kids' (in)famous songs, It's a Sunshine Day. Some of the lyrics:

i think i'll go for a walk outside now the summer sun's callin my name I just cant stay inside all day I gotta get out get me some of those rays... everybody's smilin sunshine day everybody's laughin sunshine day everybody seems so happy today it's a sunshine day

After weeks of cold weather, the sun was shining and the temperature hit around 70 degrees. How can you not be in a good mood with weather like that in the middle of March in Chicago?! I put Evan in the stroller and we took our first walk outside. His enthusiasm about being outside didn't exactly match mine, and he slept the whole time. Maybe next time he'll look around a little more. On top of the gorgeous weather, Evan slept for 6 CONSECUTIVE hours the night before! Of course, though, when I woke up after about 4 hours, I was a little worried and my ear was glued to the monitor to make sure that he was OK. Too bad he reverted to his typical 2-3 hour routine last night! But, maybe this is a sign of good things coming soon!

In other updates, I know he is too young for this, but Evan is learning to manipulate us at a very young age. His new thing (well, he's done it a few times) is to spit out his pacifier and smile. It's really quite funny! Evan also had 2 month old dr's appointment last week. While the doctor had him on his tummy, Evan decided it was time to show off and rolled over for the doctor. The doc was pretty suprised to see how strong he is! Evan also survived his first set of immunizations - 2 shots in each leg. I expected him to be cranky for the next day or so, but he was acting his usual self! The shots didn't seem to phase him. Hopefully the next ones go just as well!

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