Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh Baby!

Last night I was the hostess for a Lia Sophia party. My friend, Toni, is a new representative for the company, and I was happy to host one of the first parties for her. She brought trays of beautiful jewelry. Hearing that, you would think the 8 women at my house would be completely focused on shopping for jewelry, after all, what is more fun than that? Now, let's add 4 infants to the mix, and where do you think all of our attention was? On the babies, of course!! Three of my co-workers and myself all had a baby within a 4 month period. Something was definately in the water at Millennium School!! First came Kristen's little boy, Carter, in November. Then came my Evan in January. Kim's little one, Benjamin, was next. Then finally, Dana had a little girl, McKenzie in early March. It was so much fun seeing all the babies together and sharing our stories of mommyhood. It was amazing to see the huge difference in the oldest baby compared to the youngest, which will be insignificant in a few years. Throughout the night, each baby took his/her turn needing to be fed, being fussy, or crying. That was until the end of the night when each baby was strapped into the carseat and they were ALL crying!! (Except for Evan since he was the lucky one at his own house!) We couldn't help but laugh!

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