Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More New Faces

Last weekend was a busy one for Evan, seeing many new faces. On Friday, my cousin Diane was in town with her 3 year old daughter, Madison, and her 1 month old daughter, Paige. They were all very excited to meet each other! Paige was adorable, and I couldn't get over how big Evan looked compared to her. It's amazing what a difference a few months makes when they are so young!

On Saturday my friend Carrie and her husband, Steve, came from Indy to visit. Evan gave them a taste of what parenthood feels like! The four of us went out to Hollywood Blvd (a great theater that everyone should visit) while Evan stayed home with Aunt Alexis and Uncle Curtis.

Here are the latest Evan updates:
He started playing a game where he will stick out his tongue, then wait for you to stick yours out at him. This goes back and forth for awhile, and the whole time he has a great big smile on his face. He is also purposefully putting his hand in his mouth, although sometimes he misses and hits his cheek instead.

Here's Evan in his daddy's favorite outfit:

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