Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day at the Museum

Last weekend my friend Jen, who I've been good friends with since our freshman year at Butler, came to visit. Saturday morning Jen and I took Evan to the Museum of Science and Industry. The first area we visited was the Idea Factory, which was a kids' play area. Evan had a great time in there. They had the same Little Tikes house that we have at home, and he immediately went in there first. I had to laugh, since we drove all the way downtown for him to play with something he already has at home. He did explore other activities in the play area. They had a pretend pirate ship, an area with soft, colorful mats to crawl over, and a water area with tons of colorful, plastic balls. We visited some other exhibits in the museum, but I think Evan could have stayed in that area all day. We saw baby chicks hatching out of their eggs, and Evan kept pointing to the chicks saying, "Chicken, Chicken." Evan also showed a little interest in the electric toy train and the airplane display. Besides those, he was content in anything that had buttons he could press. Unfortunately all the pictures I took are just of Evan. We tried to get some with us in it, but Evan was not exactly cooperative that day.

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