Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Yearly Pilgrimage

Ever since I can remember, at least once a year we would make a trip out to a place called White Fence Farm, which is a restaurant that is famous for its fresh fried chicken. The word restaurant is really not the correct word to describe it though. In the waiting area there is an old car museum, along with collections of all sorts of things... dolls, music boxes, holiday decorations, etc. There are also some games to play - a really old foosball table, a "fortune teller" like in the movie Big, and kids' rides like you would see in front of KMart. Last weekend we went there with my parents to celebrate my 30th (yikes!) birthday. Evan had a blast riding the kiddie rides, and he ate more food than he's probably ever eaten at once.
As soon as Evan saw the big chicken he kept saying "Ticka, ticka" (chicken, chicken).
Evan with Yiayia and Papou
Look at that grin

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Kathleen said...

Yay for White Fence Farm! I have eaten many celebratory family dinners there, including one for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. We always got to pick what the food would be at our birthday parties, and I picked White Fence Farm most times. My poor dad had to drive all the way out there from the city - he sure loved me! :)

Oh, and I just had some corn fritters two weeks ago at my parents' house - YUM!