Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to Work

Where did the summer go? The new school year started last Monday. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Evan is going to my friend Toni's house while I am at work. I was very worried about how he would do separating from me in the morning, and especially how he would nap in someone else's house. Good news is, he is doing great! He has not cried yet when I've left him in the morning, but he does get upset when I pick him up in the afternoon - he doesn't want to leave! Of course a small part of me wouldn't mind him being at least a little upset when I leave, but it really is great that he loves it there so much!

Last weekend we headed down to Effingham for Rick's cousin's wedding. Evan and I were not able to go to the actual wedding since it was in the middle of his nap time, but we joined the rest of the family at the reception. Evan did not do well at first. The room was very large and very crowded, so he became very clingy to us and quite crabby. As the night went on he became more comfortable and was soon interacting with and smiling at all the people around him.

Evan telling grandpa he wants to go outside

Evan and Uncle Brad
Goofing around with Aunt Lisa and Mike

You can't see it in this picture, but outside the window was an adorable little girl around 2 years old. She and Evan were smiling and "talking" to each through the window. Then she started knocking on the window, and he was knocking back at her. It was so cute!

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