Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mama's a Star!

One of Evan's favorite words is "mama". When he sees me, he says mama, which obviously makes me happy. But when he hears Rick come home, Evan goes to the stairs and says "mama". I thought Evan was brilliant when I showed him a picture with me in it and he said, "Mama!" But then he pointed to himself and said mama again. The best story, though, happened in the grocery store. We were waiting in the check out line, and Evan was looking at the covers of all the magazines. He pointed to one with some beautiful blonde actress and said "mama". Of course that made me feel great! However, a few days later we were at a different store, and he pointed to another magazine, but this one had a picture of an older man on the cover. Then, you guessed it, he said "mama" again.

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