Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Wiggles, Live!

This afternoon we took Evan to see The Wiggles, Live in Concert. We had great seats - we were in the first row of the second section on the floor, right in the middle aisle, so we could see the stage perfectly. Before the show started, Evan was having fun just watching all of the other kids around him. Once they turned the lights down and the show started, Evan's eyes were glued on to the stage. The Wiggles sang all of their most popular songs plus a few nursery rhymes from their newest DVD. It really was a great show, and they did include some adult humor too (the guitar player started playing Stairway to Heaven, some of the dancers mocked MC Hammer, and they made some references to the Beatles). Evan didn't dance to the music like he normally does at home. I think he was just completely overwhelmed by it all. We're hoping they tour again next year, cause we think Evan would get so much more out of it when he is a little older.

I took tons of pictures, so here's just a few...

Evan acting silly waiting for the show to begin

Staring at the stage once the show began

Toot toot, chugga chugga big red car - The Wiggles making their entrance

Anthony (the blue Wiggle and the cutest one) with Captain Feathersword (the pirate)

We bought Evan a Captain Feathersword hat and "sword" after the show. Evan NEVER keeps hats on his head, but he kept this one on! It even fell off his head and he put it back on himself.
At the end of a long day

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