Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garden Patch Farm and Ochard

This morning we took Evan to the Garden Patch Farm and Orchard, which is in Homer Glen. There's a lot of different things to do there, but the highlight is picking fresh fruits and vegetables out in the orchard/field area. We basically focused on picking some berries and apples. Evan really enjoyed the whole experience. He loved the wagon they give you to haul all of your pickings. He rode on it for awhile and then decided it was his turn to pull the wagon. He also helped pick a few berries and apples and insisted on carrying the basket we put them in. After we had all of our goodies, we looked at their bunny farm and chicken coops. Evan kept saying "chicken, chicken" and flapping his arms. We think this was something he originally learned from The Wiggles (of course!), but it was pretty cool to see him make that connection. They also had one of those huge inflatable jumpy things, and Evan was REALLY wanting to go on it, but we didn't really think he was big enough for it. Maybe next year.
Stopping to smell some flowers
Inspecting the raspberries
Picking some apples
Look at all those chickens!

My favorite picture of the day - that's Rick ahead of him in the field.

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