Monday, September 15, 2008

Teething, Tantrums and Talking

Over the summer Evan's one year molars popped through. He was a little crabby and woke up for a few nights in a row, but overall he did really well with it. Now his eye teeth are coming in and with that we've been seeing a definite moodier side of Evan. At the same time, though, I'm wondering if part of the changes we've been seeing is him just entering the lovely phase of toddlerhood. EVERYTHING is no, and the simplest things become a tragedy. After his nap this afternoon I tried changing his diaper, which he was not ready for, and this resulted in a 5 minute fit of screaming, crying, and kicking his feet. He really is still a good little boy, but he has definitely changed.

Evan's talking is slowly progressing. He is finally saying Yiayia (grandma) and not just papou all the time. Last Sunday we saw my parents at church and then went out to lunch with them. When Evan woke up from his nap that afternoon all we could hear from the monitor was "Yiayia, papou, yiayia, papou." He is also now obsessed with keys. He would ask for our car keys all day long and would even open the drawer in the kitchen where we store them and try to take them out. My dad went to Lowe's and was able to get some extra keys from them, and then I bought Evan his own keychain to put the keys on (it's a little duck that lights up and quacks). Most of the time he is happy to have those keys, but they're still not the same as mommy and daddy's!

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amypfan said...

Bryn was a complete monster when she hit the terrible 2s (and sometimes continues to be.... I am waiting anxiously for that 3rd birthday!). Good luck--I hope Evan is better! :)