Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Attempt at Being Organized

I've always thought our house was a good size for us. That was until Evan entered our world along with all of his "stuff". Several years ago we bought a foosball table from Rick's cousin, and we have had it in our family room since then. Although it was fun to begin with, most recently it has been collecting dust and taking up a lot of valuable space. We decided it was time for it to go. Over Thanksgiving, we took it apart and moved it into the garage. (By the way, it is For Sale if anyone is interested!) With the table now gone, we have converted that space into Evan's little corner. For Christmas, my parents bought Evan a little table and two chairs, which we have already put together and set out for him. He loves it! I also bought some shelving cubes to help with organizing his toys. We also have inherited my old toy box and are using it for some of Evan's bigger toys. For his upcoming birthday, we bought him a play kitchen, and that will be the final thing to go in that area. It's amazing how moving out 1 thing can make such a difference!

The "Before" picture - minus all the toys we were storing under the table

Evan "helping" us put the shelves together

Enjoying lunch at his tableI don't have a picture yet of the completed project. We just put the last set of shelves up tonight, but I will post one some time in the near future.

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