Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Call Me "Mommy"

One day last week after school, Evan all of a sudden started calling me "mommy" instead of "mama". It was so cute (and still is), and he had this huge smile on his face like he knew he had just done something great! He has been talking much more lately and has finally become more consistent in using 2 word phrases: "mommy up", "Nemo on", "dada help", etc. He has also been asking a lot of questions: "Where'd it go?" and "Where's dada?" It's great that we can finally understand most of what Evan says now. He is also beginning to sing along with songs. When I read to Evan and rock him before bed, I usually sing a Dixie Chicks song to him called "Godspeed". During the chorus you can hear him say some of the words to the song. He was also singing along to a Kidsongs video at Rick's parents' house.

Speaking of Nemo, it is Evan's new obsession. I used to LOVE that movie, but now, not so much after seeing it for about the 100th time. After the New Year we are definitely going to start limiting how much time Evan spends watching television.

One picture for this blog entry: Who is Evan emailing in this picture? Or maybe he's looking up which toys he should ask for from Santa?

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