Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Effingham

This year we headed down to Effingham the Sunday before Christmas through Christmas morning. We had the pleasure of dealing with the wonderful midwest weather throughout the week. On our trip down, the wind gusts were terrible and the temperature was below zero. It was almost whiteout conditions at some points because of all the snow blowing across the interstate. But, we made it there safely, and that is what is important.

Monday night Rick's grandparents came over. We had dinner with them and opened up the first round of gifts (although by the time we got around to opening Evan was already asleep so we opened it for him, mean parents that we are!). Tuesday we were able to do some last minute shopping and actually had time to relax and watch a movie. Christmas eve night my in-laws hosted the big family get together. Evan was a little shy and overwhelmed at first with all of the people there, but after awhile he was comfortable with everyone. He also received his first gift of the season from Rick's aunt Dede. We were curious to see Evan's reaction to a wrapped gift, and we were pleasantly surprised. He tore into it like a pro! It was an adorable bowling set that he had a blast playing with all night.

Christmas morning Evan opened the gifts from Rick's parents and siblings and a few small gifts from Santa (the rest of the "Santa" gifts were delivered to our house). He was really excited about opening his first gift, which was a race track. The problem then, is that he just wanted to play with that and not open any other gifts. After some convincing he opened the rest of the gifts and enjoyed every minute of it. After a yummy brunch, we packed up the car to head back home to Chicago.

Evan happy to be with grandma and papa
Auntie Lisa and Evan in his spiffy Christmas oufit from Rick's grandparents

Evan and Aunt Dede playing with his new bowling set

Opening the first toy on Christmas morning

Playing with his new cars
Santa Evan

Our Christmas adventures are to be continued in another post, or maybe 2...

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