Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Art of Stalling

Stalling must be some innate skill that all humans posses. At the young age of 2, Evan has mastered that skill. It started just a short while ago, mostly at bedtime and naptime. Before bed, we always read several books with Evan, and he usually is able to choose what books we read. Now he will walk to his bookcase, squat down and say "Hmmm, Hmmm" as he is deciding which one he wants. He will also pull a book out, look at the cover, say "Mmmm, no" and put it back. Then he will try to trick us. He pulls out a book and acts like he wants to read it by walking over to the rocking chair, but then he'll just set it on the ottoman and walk back to the bookcase. His newest strategy is asking for milk or rubbing his tummy and saying "Hungry."

Here is the newest video of Evan dancing to the Wiggles. We bought him a new DVD for Christmas called You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. It has some really upbeat songs from the 60's on up. Evan has really gotten into this DVD and he's dancing and singing along more than ever. The song in the background is called the Shimmie Shake and was made to look like The Beatles (it even has an introduction like the Ed Sullivan Show). Make sure to turn up the volume so you can hear him singing a little. He actually isn't into it as much as he normally is in this video, but I hope to get a better one soon.


Joe said...

I swear, there must be some sort of subliminal messages that only toddler's can hear in their music. Jack's new ritual at bathtime is to drive his boat around the tub while singing "Big Red Boat."

As for stalling, it was a sad day when Jack learned "Just one more minute." Toddlers are master stallers!

amypfan said...

So funny! Bryn is a master of stalling as well! "Just one more time..."