Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Little Eskimo

I hate snow. I hate everything about it - cleaning my car off, leaving home even earlier in the morning to get to work on time, tracking it into our front hallway, etc, etc, etc. About the only thing I used to like about snow was looking at it from inside the house on a day where I had nowhere I had to go. Luckily Evan has changed my opinion - slightly - very slightly. Here in lovely Chicago we have already had several significant snowfalls, including some over the past weekend. On Sunday after Evan's nap, we bundled him up for the first time to play in the snow. We weren't sure how he would react since he can be very hesitant about new things, but he really seemed to enjoy it immediately. We had bought him a little sled a while back and were anxious to let him play with it (especially since he threw a HUGE tantrum in Babies R Us the day we bought it because he wanted to sit in the sled in the store). He seemed to have mixed feelings about it. He would be smiling one second then have a scared look on his face the next. Although we couldn't build a snowman since the snow was too light and fluffy, he did really enjoy throwing the snow up in the air. There's always next time...
Halfway through the dressing process - Evan insisted on wearing my hat for awhile

The snow was up to his knees!

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Carrie said...

I love the last picture of Evan in the sled. Glad you guys made the most of it... it sounded like a blizzard hit you from the reports down here!