Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Chicago - Part Dos

The day after Christmas we finally had our Christmas "morning" at our own house. We started by opening more gifts with Evan. Again, as soon as he opened something he liked, he wanted to just play with that toy. With some encouragement he opened all of his gifts. We then enjoyed a breakfast of waffles (using my new waffle maker). Evan spent the morning playing with all of his new toys, and we tried to recooperate from a very busy week. We look forward to being home next year on Christmas morning, when Evan begins to truly undesrtand the concept of Santa, and beginning our own family traditions.

Santa came!

Opening his first gift - MegaBlocks

Santa's gift tag

Evan's favorite toy - a vet hospital with keys for each kennel and a set of vet's tools (stethescope, thermometer, etc.)

Dr. Evan

And finally, a short video of Evan opening his new Wiggles DVD

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