Monday, April 27, 2009


Evan has a tendency to go through phases of his favorite movie. He started with Wiggles, then it was Finding Nemo, Cars, and Evan Almighty. For Easter this year my parents bought Evan Pinocchio. I wasn't sure how he would react since the animation isn't quite as exciting as the newer Disney movies. However, from the first moment I put it on he absolutely loved it! He comments throughout the whole thing. "Kitty got wet." "Hat broken." It's very cute! But, my absolute favorite thing is when he sees the fairy, points to the screen, and says, "Mommy!"


Carrie said...

That is AWESOME! The kid knows how to suck up already :). Does he still confuse Rick with Van Damme?

Pappou said...

As I was watching Evan, we looked at this picture and I told him, "Here's Pinochhio and the fairy", and he told me, "No", "Mommy". Guess you should ask Disney for royalties.