Monday, April 13, 2009

Goin' Huntin'

This past weekend we celebrated Easter down in Effingham with Rick's family. It's so nice that for 1 holiday we don't have to worry about splitting our time between families since "Greek" Easter is usually on a different Sunday than "American" Easter. Last year Evan participated in our Easter egg hunt at church, but he did not really get into it. This year the weather was beautiful so we put eggs out in front of Rick's parents' house. Evan immediately understood what he needed to do. In most of the eggs I put pieces of candy, and Evan found a few of those eggs first. He didn't open the eggs and just dropped them in his bucket. But, I put Matchbox cars in a few of the eggs. Since they were a little bigger than the eggs I couldn't completely close the egg. Once Evan saw the first car he had a huge smile on his face then immediately began opening all of the eggs to see what was inside. He collected all 40-something eggs and carried the bucket of eggs with him for quite awhile, and he LOVED the cars and the chocolate!

Finding the first egg

Finding his first car

3 Generations of Repking's

Hunting for eggs is such hard work!

What's really great is that Evan is becoming excited about visiting Rick's family before going down there. The day we were leaving, Evan had his shoes on and was asking to leave our house at 8:00 in the morning. Evan had so much fun the whole weekend playing with all of our family. His favorite thing to do is jump on one of the beds, so he was thrilled when someone would help him jump (usually Uncle Mike or Papa). He also loved "driving" all the cars - beeping the horn and playing with all of the buttons. On Sunday he did NOT want to leave, and he kept asking for papa's house.

Playing guitar with Uncle Jeff

Dressed for Easter breakfast

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